¿About Pachamama Travel & Adventure?
We are young Nicaraguan entrepreneurs who identified a need to offer and provide high quality and professional tourism in our country, without losing the characteristic hospitality and kindness of Nicaraguans, we want our customers to feel like friends.

¿Why we do it?
Because we contribute to the sustainable development of our people and our country through the tourism industry.

What to expect from Pachamama Travel & Adventure?
Ethics, hospitality, quality, efficiency and customer-focused culture are our pillars and customer satisfaction is our main goal.

In 2018 our quality and innovation in the tourism industry positions us as a leader in offering and providing quality tourism services to national and foreign tourists in the city of Granada.

Offer and provide high quality tourism services to domestic and foreign tourists, contributing to the sustainable development of the industry and the national economy.

Love: To our mother earth, our country and what we do.
Passion: For serving.
Efficiency: Optimizing resources in pursuit of higher returns.

Pachamama Travel & Adventures